On behalf of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) we welcome your participation in the ASCIA 2017 conference  in Auckland, New Zealand from 13-15 September 2017, at the Viaduct Events Centre.

With an outstanding program featuring 8 international speakers and a venue located on the spectacular Waitematā Harbour in Auckland, this conference is a highlight of the year for ASCIA members and other health professionals with an interest in allergy and clinical immunology.

To preview the ASCIA 2017 Program book click the below link.  Please note that all registered delegates will receive a printed copy at the conference.

ASCIA 2017 Program Book

The conference includes presentations from the following international speakers:

  • Professor Carsten Bindslev-Jensen (ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Lene Heise Garvey (ASCIA-ANZAAG Drug Allergy Symposium keynote speaker)
  • Professor Jonathan Hourihane (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Nikos Papadopoulos (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Werner Pichler (ASCIA-ANZAAG Drug Allergy Symposium keynote speaker)
  • Professor Jennifer Puck (ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Hugh Sampson (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)
  • Professor Scott Sicherer (CFAR Symposium and ASCIA keynote speaker)

There will also be more than 40 speakers and chairs from New Zealand and Australia participating in this conference and we expect more than 400 delegates.

The ASCIA 2017 conference is being held in conjunction with:

  • ASCIA 2017 Drug Allergy Symposium hosted by ASCIA and the Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group (ANZAAG) on Friday 15 September (afternoon) and Saturday 16 September (all day).
  • ASCIA 2017 Nurse and Dietitian Updates on Friday 15 September (all day).
  • Centre for Food and Allergy Research (CFAR) Symposium 2017 on Tuesday 12 September.
  • Food Allergy introductory course for Dietitians on Saturday 16 September.

ASCIA annual conferences continue to provide an international standard of continuing professional development in the areas of allergy and clinical immunology. They are also an opportunity to interact with colleagues working in these areas.

If you have time pre or post conference, visit  for information on what to see and do in New Zealand.

We look forward to welcoming you to Auckland in September.

Dr Maia Brewerton, Dr Anthony Jordan

ASCIA 2017 Co-Chairs

Dr William Smith

ASCIA President

Jill Smith